Pit Type Nitriding Furnace

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Pit type vacuum nitriding furnaces are mainly used for all kinds of steel machinery parts, automobile curved glaze, motorcycle brake pads, piston rings and molds. It is a standard low-vacuum variable pressure nitriding furnace for gas nitriding heat treatment. 


1. The rate of seepage is fast The nitriding process is to perform periodic pressure change in the furnace under low vacuum conditions. The atmosphere is kept fresh and active, and the nitrogen potential is also cyclically changed, so that one-stage nitriding has the advantages of two-stage and three-stage nitriding, and it is not necessary to adopt two or three. Segment nitriding, speeding up nitriding

 2. Wide adaptability and uniform permeability The workpiece has a blind space, a T-shaped surface or a workpiece working surface in a very narrow slit. For a conventional positive pressure nitriding furnace, this is not conducive to the replacement and diffusion of the fresh atmosphere, and the nitriding effect of these parts is not ideal. The low vacuum pressure transformation technology allows the furnace gas to automatically diffuse into the tank, without dead ends. Blind holes, pores, and working faces at the die slits also provide the desired layer. 

Extrusion Dies Nitriding Furnace

Extrusion Dies Nitriding Furnace Nitriding Furnace

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